Agile Software Engineering

It has never been more important not only to develop business-critical software, but also to operate it permanently and with quality assurance.

The trend is clearly towards micro-services and container architectures. This is the only way to solve future challenges in terms of scalability, speed of deployment and portability. Configuration management is becoming increasingly important, especially when integrating sensors and embedded software.

The days of standardization are over. Tool chains are now in demand that cover the entire development cycle of software development, starting with rapid prototyping through to the operation of various critical software-based system components in the field. Stability is not the only thing that matters, but also fast transport routes in order to secure new opportunities on the market through new releases.

Defined DevOps processes and the necessary tool chain along the software lifecycle are essential in order to achieve continuous quality assurance of the development process, the development results and during deployment.

Not every agile approach fits every situation. Find the right way with us. We can map the complete range of agile software development with you.

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Concentrate on the functional requirements of your individual solution. In regular releases, we provide you with functioning interim statuses up to the go-live of the application.

You can concentrate on your everyday business at any time. With tried and tested methods for efficient requirements assessment, we deliver exactly the software that suits you, thus saving you time and budget.