Secure Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

Last but not least, the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus shows how valuable a modern, secure workplace is in order for companies to be productive in the long term.

Today, it goes without saying that employees can work safely and reliably for your company anywhere, anytime and with any device.
The modern workplace is much more than a stylish and reliable end device. It is the central working medium for many employees whose added value is primarily achieved through the use of an IT workplace. Since IT is penetrating more and more into the products, this affects almost all employees in the company.
At the same time, the workplace equipment is an increasingly important criterion when highly competitive skilled workers are selecting prospective employers. In many industries, it is now the case that employers apply for employees and not vice versa.
Nevertheless, the provision of a modern and, above all, safe workplace presents many companies with the following challenges:

It doesn’t have to be! Modern software such as Microsoft 365 already provides numerous valuable services that, when used intelligently, already offer many security measures.

The latest products from Microsoft already offer a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of solutions that can at best be supplemented by other manufacturers on the market. It provides security mechanisms for the following key areas:

Information Protection & Governance

Protect and manage your data anywhere

Insider Risk

Identify and respond to critical insider risks

Discover &

Analyze quickly and get relevant data


Simplify and automate risk assessment

A common misconception is that
Microsoft only makes Microsoft products secure.

Because with the extensive product suite of Microsoft 365 you can flexibly achieve the following added value:

  • Single Sign on for thousands of applications also with Azure multi-factor authentication or integration with your current MFA solution.
  • Monitoring and active access protection of your data in real time, also for non-Microsoft cloud apps and services.
  • Integration with your current data loss prevention solution.
  • Manage your data classification and protection when emails or documents are transferred to non-Microsoft platforms.
  • Integrate security signals from Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph into your SIEM.
  • Extension of Microsoft data labels and protection for any internal application or non-Microsoft solution.
  • Integrate security signals from Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph into your SIEM.
  • Protection for workloads running in the cloud, for both Windows and Linux.

Microsoft 365 addresses real-world
security challenges facing many organizations:

Our services for you:

Data security for the workplace

Confidentiality, Integrity and Security

For you, this means in concrete terms: Identity-driven security and protection of the front-end on all devices:

  • Go beyond strong passwords and protect against identity risk while automatically identifying potential breaches before they can
    cause harm.
  • Implementation of risk-based conditional data access and multi-factor authentication.

  • Set up advanced security reports.

  • Identify high-risk cloud app usage, unusual user behavior, detect unusual downloads, prevent threats.

Secure content and data

Protection of content during creation, transmission and use

Use cloud applications without compromising corporate information by adding protections ranging from access rights to data encryption.

  • Shadow IT Detection: Apps and Risk Assessment.

  • Intelligent classification and labeling of content.

  • Document encryption, tracking and revocation.

  • Monitor shared files and react to potential leaks.

  • Data separation at device/app level.

Protection of end devices

Managed corporate devices or BYOD

Manage enterprise and BYO devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance, automatically detect suspicious activity, and quickly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices.

  • Conditional Access.

  • Device and app access level control: PIN.

  • Device and app encryption at rest.

  • Save, copy, paste restrictions.

  • Device and app level data erasure.