Let your business take off

We optimize your IT costs

Analysis of your IT systems and their costs based on the well-known value chain model by Michael E. Porter. Transparent cost overview for all business solutions: all direct and indirect costs for the delivery of IT services as a basis for the development of a catalog of measures to reduce costs while maintaining the existing service level.

Core theses and experiences:
  • Reduction of superfluous interfaces through realignment of the architecture.
  • Decommissioning of redundant software with the same business purpose.
  • Reduction of costs by comparing requirements with actual inventory .
  • Reducing costs by reducing complexity.
  • Cleanup of legacy systems and databases.

Optimization of IT costs for new investments

Lower your costs while modernizing at the same time

Our solutions allow you to start the technical implementation with a lower investment. You will regularly receive interim results for verification of the new solution in predefined steps and an agile approach. So that you can go easy on your budget, we will go into a leasing model with you and spread the investments over a fixed period of time – but only if this is of benefit to you. Of course, this is your choice and not a must.

Our services for you:
  • Support for viable new digital business models in design thinking workshops and development of business canvas models.
  • Implementation of the digital solution in a modern, cloud-ready software architecture (Dockers Container and Micro Services) including support for mobile devices with apps and a modern, responsive website.
  • Construction and permanent operation of a development environment with source code archive.
  • Continous Deployment in a development, test and production environment.
  • Tailor-made and individualized to your exact requirements.

Increase of productivity

for recurring routine tasks

That’s why it’s worth converting routine tasks into a professional BPM solution. The effort for the transfer is less than you might think.

Planning and introduction of a modern BPM platform for digital business processes.

The advantages are obvious:
  • Faster throughput time and lower process costs.
  • Know-how always remains in the company. Especially when employees leave the company.
  • Activities can be carried out from any location.
  • Automated reporting of the process status and overcoming of bottlenecks.
  • Rapid success when established processes are tested and optimized. As opposed to more tedious when a cumbersome, sub-optimal analog process is mapped digitally. That doesn’t make the whole process any faster!

Our services:
  • (Cost) analysis and optimization of existing routine tasks.
  • Modeling of the new accelerated process.
  • Technical implementation of a digital workflow with renowned BPM solutions.

  • Our BPM solution enables updates from existing digital workflows to a new version , even for instances that have already been started.
  • Billing of the new digital process as a monthly leasing contract or as a classic project contract.

the “Information Worker” in the agile project work

In contrast to the recurring routine tasks, the proportion of flexible, unstructured project work is constantly increasing. More and more employees therefore need a modern workplace that optimally supports these working conditions.

Planning and introduction of the Modern Workplace with Microsoft Office 365

  • Fast and easy collaboration in one project or across departments.
  • Secure exchange of data also with external suppliers, customers and partners.
  • Simple and secure access to synchronous data and on all end devices.
  • Mobile workplace in your vest pocket.
  • In other words, a Modern Secure Workplace under the control of the company.
Our services:
  • Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and Business OneDrive for smart collaboration and offline support.
  • Microsoft Teams as a modern user front end for chat and telephony internally as well as for external partners.
  • Change Management: More than ever, employees need to be prepared and accompanied for the numerous non-intuitive functions
  • Security and Compliance: We will show you how to protect your valuable company data.